Please @TristramHuntMP, save GCSE English Literature

Dear Tristram I know you’re unhappy about the waste of public money on Free Schools and, I agree, that whole thing’s been a farce. Unqualified teachers are another concern, of course. But you must understand that our clients, the nation’s young people, don’t care about these things. If an unqualified teacher is doing a greatContinue reading “Please @TristramHuntMP, save GCSE English Literature”

Gove’s grammar test – political meddling as bad as it gets

Be honest, can you confidently answer this question? Which option completes the sentence below so that it uses the subjunctive mood? I wish I———————–free to come to your party, but I am afraid I will be busy. Tick one. were could be was may be It’s taken from the DfE’s sample KS2 ‘English grammar, punctuationContinue reading “Gove’s grammar test – political meddling as bad as it gets”