Look for the helpers (an assembly) #Manchester #WeStandTogether

Note I was still working in a high school at the time of the 2015 Paris attacks. I wrote an assembly and shared it on Twitter. A number of people found it helpful so I’ve adapted it to apply to Manchester. With the two events horribly similar, this wasn’t difficult. The assembly begins with aContinue reading “Look for the helpers (an assembly) #Manchester #WeStandTogether”

“Look for the helpers.” An Assembly. #Muslimsarenotterrorists

It dawned on me just how terrifying the world can seem when I was on a train to York with my 11 year old daughter last half term break. She was unusually quiet, glancing anxiously about at our fellow passengers, before finally blurting, “How do we know there’s not a bomb on the train?” I asked her to explain. “WellContinue reading ““Look for the helpers.” An Assembly. #Muslimsarenotterrorists”